01 July 2008

News on Freelance Activities

Nordic Freelance Journalists meet in Hell

We found heaven in Hell? If you look at a map you can find the small village Hell just outside the Norwegian town Trondheim. It was like heaven for about a hundred freelance journalists from the Nordic countries, who joined the freelance seminar in Hell on 13-15 June.

They listened to writers, journalists and filmmakers from England, USA, Russia and Norway including the Independents foreign correspondent Robert Fisk. To those who have not yet read his big book ”The Great War for Civilisation” or his newest book ”The Age of the Warrior” it is strongly recommended.

Besides listening to the lectures we had, a yaerly activity in different Nordic countries every year - next year in Finland- a lot of singing and playing. And as we do every year – we share our best ways of having good freelance lives.


If you can read Swedish there is much longer reports on the following Swedish freelance site:



 Text and photo: Thomas Polvall

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