The journalists' union Journalistengewerkschaft in der GPA-DJP holds its three-day Congress on 4-6 November and a Stand Up for Journalism initiative will be dedicated to press freedom and protection of sources (Redaktionsgeheimnis).


The EFJ affliate  in Austria, the  Mediensektion Kommunikation und Publizistik in der Gewerkschaft GdG-KMSfB, condemned publisher, Tiroler Woche, for having dissmised 31 media workers at its local newspapers. The Union also issued statement  calling for better protection of  the authors' rights of freelance journalists and fairer payment for their work.


The Belarus Association of Journalits (BAJ) produced a video for the EFJ campaign on press freedom in Turkey:


The European Federation of Journalists will visit the Turkish Embassy in Brussels protesting against the jailing of 50 Turkish journalists.The EFJ will hand over a letter to the permanent representative of Turkey demanding the immediate release of the jailed journalists in Turkey. For more information on the EFJ campaign to free jailed Turkish Journalists, please visit HERE.



The Croatian Union of Journalists organised a press conference on "Journalism is a Public Good" discussing challenges facing journalists and ways to defend their rights and standards in journalism. A roundtable discussion on the new media law will also take place on 8 November.


The Union of Journalists of Cyprus will raise awareness about the lack of signatures of collective agreements and the defence of creative works of journalists;

The Journalists' Union is taking part in the Nordic Freelancers demonstration in Oslo against unfair contracts. They are also publishing a circular article as they did in previous years. The union also organises a meeting on 3rd November about future challenges in journalism and a panel on 4th November on the true mission of journalism. The Stand Up for Journalism Campaign will also be fed in the discussions of the Helsinki journalism seminar on 8-11 December 8.-11.



The EFJ affiliate in Germany, the Deutscher Journalisten Verban (DJV) mobilised around 40.000 journalists in Essen on 8 November protesting against the declining working conditions facing journalists in Germany (see video). The union and journalists marched on the streets of Essen and demand improvement of working conidtions and fair renumeration to freelance journalists.

In a joint statement, the EFJ affiliates DJV and dju in ver.di call all their members to take part in the "Stand up for journalism" day by debating about fair compensation for freelance journalists working in daily newspapers. Since last February, many publishers refuse to implement the new remuneration policies."They need the solidarity of the editors" said the ver.di deputy chairman Frank Werneke . "On 5 November you can prove that the newspaper is a team" said the DJV chairman Michael Konken.
The common remuneration rules make clear to what extent fees and the multiple use of contributions are acceptable. The latest information on common rules on remuneration, are available here:

Lectures are held on media and new forms of journalism in Thessaloniki as part of a three months lasting activity changes in journalism;

The Association of Journalists of Hungary (MUOSZ) issued the following statement:


The FNSI will carry out a mobilisation for journalists' welfare and freedom of information;


Around 100 Norwegian freelance journalists will join a "Nordic demonstration" organised by the Norwegian Union of Journalists on 5 November against unfair working contracts imposed by  Hjemmet Mortensen, a major magazine publisher in Norway. The union sent a letter of protest to the management of the magazine and demanded the company to open a dialogue with its freelance journalists for negotiation of fair contracts.

The Journalists' Union of Turkey (TGS - Türkiye Gazeteciler Sendikası), and 23 other journalist associations afre coming together under the name of Freedom for Journalists Platform, and will organize a demonstration and make a press statement in Ankara, close to the Prime Ministry, on 5th November.

The EFJ affiliare FSC-CCOO sent a circular letter to all newsrooms and all journalists in the country, under the title "journalism, a public good." In its letter, the FSC CC.OO. remembers why journalism "is a public good that helps to strengthen a free and democratic society" and why it also serves to increase training and improve the responsibility of citizens. The statement also mentions that "fighting the precariousness of media workers, fighting for decent wages and overcoming the divisions between professionals, because of ideas or wages" is a way to reinforce the idea of journalism as a public good. Finally, the FSC-CCOO said that information and free journalism helped to maintain the Spanish democracy since the end of the Franco dictatorship, 35 years ago . .

The union will make a publication about media concentration and activities about unfair contracts for freelances. .



The Slovakian Journalists Union will hold its Congress on 5 November. A new set of ethical codes will be adopted during the Congress to promote high-quality journalism standards.


The BBC will hold a 48-hour strike from 5 to 6 November (and 15 and 16 November with further dates to be named in the coming days). Union members will also refuse to take on additional duties or volunteer for acting up duties as part of an indefinite work to rule.